Can I rotate the dominos?

You can't rotate the dominos. This game is hard!

How many solutions are there per level?


Why only the 01 and 02 dominos?

Higher domino #s make the levels too large, like 23 12 25 21 11 (ew)
Lower domino #s (01 01) make the levels look samey, like 5 5 5 5
01/02 was "just right" and has certain properties (if you play a lot you prolly know what I mean)

What does "wizardry", or the wizard emoji mean?

It means you solved it without making any mistakes, which is pretty crazy considering originally I didn't even think the game was possible to solve period, hahaha.

How are the dailies chosen?

As of the last update, they are completely random. Before they were pretty much random as well (minus the first 5 days which were hand picked), however they were ordered by difficulty. Now they are just 100% random.
The earlier levels have more blocks than the later ones so they are typically a little easier, but honestly they can all be dangerous.

Can I contact you for feedback or just to chat?

No. JK of course you can, my email is joeycaero@gmail.com I can be slow to respond but I'll try